August 2018 President’s Message

Jim Carter

The Democrat party mask’s itself as a group flying the flag of progressive politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is progressive about actively trying to destroy our system of Government?

The party has been taken over by the far left who brings a steady drum beat of defiance against our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also, they want an America without borders, give illegals the right to vote and not deport those who commit crimes against citizens or guest residents of the United States.

They have visceral hate of President Trump. Any act of Civil disobedience is justified in their twisted minds because he won in 2016 and they lost. But it goes deeper.

Obama diminished our role as a leader of the free world. His foreign policy was a disaster. Domestically he was an advocate of government control of everything in our lives. To him we weren’t capable of making our own decisions. His mantra, Government can do it better.

Trump has reversed course with amazing accomplishments. I don’t have to tell you how much he has accomplished In a short period of time. The left is furious. So they hate what he is doing and are making every effort to undermine his success.

How are they doing this? It’s called perception management by using the age old psychological technique called “ transference.”

The bad behavior and methods they use are transferred by propaganda towards president Trump. For example, the President wants to protect our borders and accomplish immigration reform.

What does the left do? Organizes demonstrations on our Southern borders, supports the Organization for Open Boarders, and blames Trump when existing laws are enforced. They defy the laws passed by Congress and the enforcement Agencies they created, one in particular, ICE.

The Left employs fascists techniques to accomplish their goals. Mussolini was a Fascist. He used his black shirts to incite public riots and attack any one who disagreed with him. The left today is employing the same tactics in Berkeley, Charlottesville, WDC, Portland and more. Well organized, paid leaders are used to make this happen. The justification always is we hate Trump. Sanctuary Cities and some States use the same reason for defying the law and the agency, ICE created by Congress after 9/11.

The latest is Portland, Oregon where the Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, refused to protect the employees of ICE while a group of paid organizers took over a whole street, set up a shanty town and harassed ICE employees for over a week. Not only at work but followed them home and to their day care centers, etc. His reason was he doesn’t like Trumps policies and is against ICE.

A selective protection of the residents of Portland he had his police stand down. Perhaps he forgot these people, pay taxes, shop and live like every one else.

I thought when you took an oath of office you were to represent all the people of your community. Where was the National media on this situation? No outrage? Only Tucker Carlson of Fox did a segment on this tragic abuse of power.

Another politician going down the same track is Governor Como of New York. He just pardoned seven criminal illegals and doesn’t want ICE operating in his state. Again the media sleeps on and spends all it’s time justifying the breaking the laws of our land.

Of course, when something goes wrong , it will be President Trumps fault. The left is using the psychology of transference very well. Why shouldn’t it, most of the media and universities are willing accomplices.

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