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This week has proven to be quite challenging for the state as well as our District as the COVID-19 Delta variant has rapidly spread. Reported cases of the virus are skyrocketing and it is important that you all stay aware and stay safe. This new surge has even impacted myself and those in my office. My daughter has tested positive for COVID- 19 and some of my staff has fallen ill as well. Even friends of mine who have had the vaccine are now testing positive. Between all of that, and the fact that I had surgery this week, life has been quite a roller-coaster.

Nevertheless, upon discovering these developments at home and in the office we took the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. We’ve had our Collier office fumigated, all of us are working from home, and no one is coming back to work until they have a negative test result. Luckily, those I know who have been impacted by this virus are fighting it with no issues, but not everyone has been as fortunate. What’s most important is that we remain aware of this surge and do what is best for our families. We must do our due diligence in reducing the spread, making smart choices, and supporting those who are still being negatively impacted by this harrowing disease.

As this new surge begins to permeate, questions about mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations have begun to resurface. I want to reiterate that choosing to vaccinate or mask up is your choice — the government, in my opinion, should not have the right to enforce any health decisions upon you. I will continue to fight for your right to make your own choices as your Representative! Just be smart, stay safe, and take care of the people around you.

Governor DeSantis in Cape Coral

Governor DeSantis visited SWFL this Friday at Two Meatballs in the Kitchen in Cape Coral. While there he discussed the spread of the Delta variant, vaccinations, ensuring that there won’t be any lockdowns, getting folks back to work, and preserving the personal freedoms individuals have over their own medical decisions.

The highlight of the Governor’s conference were his comments on the state of education in Florida amidst the pandemic. He showed that Florida schools have preformed better than most other States because we followed the science as it evolved and found that schools were a low risk setting for spread. Florida, under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, got our kids back in school swiftly which allowed them more opportunities for academic success when everywhere else was shutting down. It also served to support their social-emotional development rather than stifle it through illogically shutting down these critical centers for learning and growth.

Now, as the next school year begins to approach us, questions are stirring about the return of masks in our schools. Fortunately, the State has left it up for local jurisdictions to decide if they will be having mask mandates in schools. The school districts in HD80 have chosen to allow individuals to make their own decisions on whether or not to wear a mask.

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The Song of the Week!

Have a suggestion for the next Song of the Week? Let us know!
This week’s song is “Takin Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This song is the anthem to getting up and getting work done — which is quite fitting as the we all get back to work and continue to take care of business while navigating this virus.

Fun fact: Bachman, who sang for this track, had a sore throat and a head cold when recording it.

Environment Event

I had a wonderful time at the Environmental Permitting Summer School last week! It was quite educating to converse with Floridians across the state who care about our water and our environment.


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