Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review

Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review

This week, as the courageous Cuban people led historic protests against six decades of repression and tyranny from the communist Castro and Díaz-Canel regime, Senator Rick Scott called on the Biden administration to provide the full support of the federal government to those fighting for freedom and rally the international community behind the Cuban people in this critically important moment.

Senator Scott released a message to the brave people of Cuba fighting for freedom and democracy through peaceful protests across the island. Senator Scott delivered this message standing in front of the illegitimate Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., located on 16th Street, which will soon be renamed “Oswaldo Payá Way,” to call out the oppression of the Cuban regime and highlight the cause of dissident Oswaldo Payá.

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.

Sen. Rick Scott on the Senate Floor: We Stand with Those Demanding Freedom in Cuba

Senator Rick Scott spoke on the Senate floor in support of the Cuban people peacefully protesting against the oppressive, communist government of Cuba and calling for the freedom, liberty and basic human rights they deserve. See more in the video HERE or below.

Senador Rick Scott en el Senado: Apoyamos a quienes exigen libertad en Cuba

El Senador Rick Scott habló hoy en el pleno del Senado en apoyo al pueblo cubano que protesta pacíficamente contra el régimen comunista y opresor de Cuba y pide la libertad y respeto a los derechos humanos básicos que el pueblo se merece. Vea más en el video AQUÍ.

Sen. Rick Scott Joins Sen. Rubio and Colleagues to Introduce Resolution in Support of the Cuban People

Senator Rick Scott joined Senator Marco Rubio and colleagues to introduce a resolution in support of the courageous Cuban people as they lead historic protests throughout the island against six decades of repression and tyranny from the communist Castro and Díaz-Canel regime.

Senator Rick Scott said, “This week, the heroic freedom fighters across Cuba have struck fear throughout the brutal Castro dictatorship and shown incredible determination in the fight to regain their freedom and put an end to the oppressive communist Cuban regime. For decades, the Castro regime has tried to spread communism throughout Latin America and now, with the world watching, the Cuban people are saying no more. Now more than ever, the United States must stand strong in its support of liberty and democracy for the Cuban people and make clear that we will never stop fighting for a new day of freedom in Cuba.” See more from Senator Rubio’s office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: The U.S. Must Stand Strongly With the Cuban People Fighting for Freedom

Across Cuba, the people continue to peacefully protest against communist rule, and demand the freedom, liberty and basic human rights which the brutally oppressive communist Cuban regime has stolen from them for decades. As the Cuban people march toward a new day of freedom, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement supporting their fight for democracy, and demanding that the Biden administration aggressively hold the regime accountable and support the cause of freedom in Havana and across Cuba.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Today in Havana, the Communist Cuban regime is shaking with fear as the people rise up to denounce the oppressive communist rule that has brought ruin to their nation for more than 60 years. I stand proudly with the heroic freedom fighters across Cuba that have taken to the streets determined to regain their freedom and put an end to the Castro dictatorship. The message from the Cuban people to Díaz-Canel and Raul Castro has never been more clear: your time is up.

“Now, the Biden administration must lead the freedom-loving nations of the world in loud and unequivocal denouncement of the brutal communist Castro regime, and in support of the liberty, democracy and human rights the Cuban people call for and rightfully deserve. We must be clear, for decades Cuba has been the root of instability in Latin America and represented a terrible threat to the national security of the United States. Today, the American people must join freedom-loving Cubans in saying the oppression ends now. We cannot return to Obama-Biden appeasement policies. We cannot lift sanctions or restore diplomatic relations with the Cuban dictatorship. I urge the Biden administration to impose further sanctions on the tyrannical Cuban regime. We cannot let up. There must be consequences for this heinous oppression and attacks on peaceful protesters.

“To the people of Cuba: You are not alone, I stand with you in this fight. Florida stands with you in this fight. The United States of America stands with you in this fight. The freedom of Cuba is closer than ever and we are not going to stop until we see a new day of freedom, democracy and ‘Patria y Vida’ in Cuba.” Read more HERE.

Senador Rick Scott: Los Estados Unidos deben apoyar firmemente al pueblo cubano que lucha por la libertad

A lo largo de Cuba, hoy el pueblo continúa protestando pacíficamente contra el régimen comunista y demandando la libertad y los derechos humanos básicos que el brutal y opresivo régimen Cubano les ha robado durante décadas. Mientras el pueblo cubano marcha hacia un nuevo día de libertad, el Senador Rick Scott emitió la siguiente declaración apoyando la lucha por la democracia y exigiendo que la administración Biden responsabilice categóricamente al régimen Castrista y apoye la causa de la libertad en La Habana y en toda Cuba.

El Senador Rick Scott dijo: “Hoy en La Habana el régimen comunista cubano está temblando de miedo mientras la gente se levanta para alzar su voz contra el opresivo régimen comunista que ha traído la ruina a esta nación durante más de 60 años. Estoy orgulloso de apoyar a los heroicos luchadores por la libertad en Cuba que han salido a las calles decididos a recuperar su libertad y poner fin a la dictadura de Castro. El mensaje del pueblo cubano a Díaz-Canel y Raúl Castro nunca ha sido más claro: su tiempo terminó.

“Ahora, la administración Biden debe liderar a las naciones amantes de la libertad del mundo en una denuncia fuerte e inequívoca del brutal régimen comunista de Castro, y en apoyo de la libertad, la democracia y los derechos humanos que el pueblo cubano exige y merece. Debemos ser claros, durante décadas Cuba ha sido la raíz de la inestabilidad en América Latina y representa una terrible amenaza para la seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos. Hoy, el pueblo estadounidense debe unirse a los cubanos amantes de la libertad para decir que la opresión termina ahora. No podemos volver a las políticas de apaciguamiento de Obama-Biden. No podemos levantar las sanciones ni restablecer las relaciones diplomáticas con la dictadura cubana. Exijo a la administración Biden imponer más sanciones al tiránico régimen cubano. No podemos darnos por vencidos. Debe haber consecuencias por esta atroz opresión y ataques contra manifestantes pacíficos.

“Al pueblo de Cuba: no están solos, estoy con ustedes en esta lucha. Florida está con ustedes en esta lucha. Los Estados Unidos están con ustedes en esta lucha. La libertad de Cuba está más cerca que nunca y no vamos a parar hasta que veamos un nuevo día de libertad, democracia, Patria y Vida en Cuba”. Lea más AQUÍ.

Sen. Rick Scott and The Heritage Foundation Release Episode 2 in ‘Road Trip on a Budget’ Video Series Washington Can’t Keep Maxing out America’s Credit Card

Senator Rick Scott released the second episode of his video short series in partnership with the Heritage Foundation: Road Trip on a Budget. Episode 2 highlights how Washington politicians have been driving up the national debt and maxing out America’s credit card with no way to pay it off. Senator Scott is demanding action, including the immediate passage of his Federal Debt Emergency Control Act, to help start paying down the debt and hold Congress accountable for its awful spending habits. See the previous Road Trip on a Budget episode HERE.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The inflation we are seeing across the nation right now is the direct result of Washington’s wasteful spending. Inflation is a tax on America’s working families. Rising prices are devastating to low and fixed-income Americans. I grew up poor and watched my parents struggle to put food on the table. Instead of just hiking the debt ceiling every time Washington gets close to the limit, it’s time to start acting responsibly. With the debt ceiling expiring on July 31, we must tackle these issues head-on and chart a new and fiscally responsible path forward that protects families and our nation’s financial security.” Watch the second episode HERE or below.

Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution by Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio Honoring the Lives Lost in the Surfside Tragedy, Thanking Brave First Responders

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution by Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio honoring the lives lost in the horrific tragedy on June 24, when the Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside, Florida, suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night, and commending the bravery of the men and women who have risked their lives in search, rescue and recovery efforts. See more in the video HERE or below.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I was on the ground in Surfside following the collapse talking to families, first responders, and members of the community. We continue to pray for the Surfside community, our Jewish community, the families and loved ones of the lost and all of those working tirelessly to serve the Surfside community. The pain these families and all affected by this tragedy are experiencing is heartbreaking and unimaginable. In the face of tremendous loss, our first responders ran into the danger. They are heroes that came from across Florida, the United States, and from Israel and Mexico. We can never thank these brave men and women enough for their bravery and determination in the face of this terrible tragedy. In the weeks and months ahead, I will be relentless in the search for answers to make sure this never happens again.” Read more HERE.

El Senado aprueba por unanimidad la resolución de los Senadores Rick Scott y Marco Rubio en honor a las vidas perdidas en la tragedia de Surfside, agradeciendo a los valientes rescatistas

El Senado aprobó hoy por unanimidad una resolución de los Senadores Rick Scott y Marco Rubio en honor a las vidas perdidas en la horrible tragedia el 24 de junio, cuando el edificio del condominio Champlain Towers South en Surfside, Florida, colapsó repentinamente en medio de la noche. La resolución también reconoce la valentía de los hombres y mujeres que han arriesgado sus vidas en los esfuerzos de búsqueda, rescate y recuperación. Vea más en el video AQUÍ.

El Senador Rick Scott dijo: “Estuve en Surfside después del colapso hablando con familias, rescatistas y miembros de la comunidad. Continuamos orando por la comunidad de Surfside, nuestra comunidad judía, las familias y seres queridos de los perdidos y todos aquellos que trabajan incansablemente para servir a la comunidad de Surfside. El dolor que están experimentando estas familias y todos los afectados por esta tragedia es desgarrador e inimaginable. Ante la tremenda pérdida, nuestros rescatistas corrieron hacia el peligro. Son héroes que vinieron de toda Florida, Estados Unidos, Israel y México. Nunca podremos agradecer lo suficiente a estos valientes hombres y mujeres por su valentía y determinación frente a esta terrible tragedia. En las próximas semanas y meses, seré implacable en la búsqueda de respuestas para asegurarme de que esto nunca vuelva a suceder”. Lea más AQUÍ.

Sen. Rick Scott: Biden Must Answer for his Growing Inflation Crisis

Following the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Senator Rick Scott released the below statement highlighting the devastating impact of inflation on Florida families and the need to end reckless spending and pay down the debt. June’s CPI data shows that there has been a notable increase in inflation every month of Biden’s presidency. Year over year, consumer prices increased 5.4% in June – a significant increase from the 5% increase reported for the 12-month period ending in May 2021 and the largest 12-month increase since 2008. Annualized, the monthly CPI growth rate reached 11.7% in June.

Senator Rick Scott said, “As inflation continues to grow under President Biden’s failed economic policies of reckless spending and ballooning national debt, families in Florida and across America are paying the price. Today’s CPI data shows that once again, for the sixth consecutive month, prices of goods are on the rise for Florida families. That hurts our low and fixed-income families, like mine growing up, the most. Gas prices are up nearly a dollar – up more than 45% since this time last year. Our country can’t continue down this path. Reckless government spending has consequences and it’s time for President Biden to answer for the growing inflation crisis he has created.

“Last month, I introduced the Federal Debt Emergency Control Act to bring down the debt and stop the reckless spending we have seen from Democrats. We must immediately pass this bill and start protecting our families and small businesses from further harm caused by failed liberal leadership in Washington.” Read more HERE. Para leer en español, haz click AQUÍ.

Sen. Rick Scott: As Inflation Rages, Joe Biden’s Reckless Spending Spree Continues

Following the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Senator Rick Scott released the below statement calling out the disastrous impacts of President Joe Biden’s reckless spending which has created an inflation crisis in America. Similar to June’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, June’s PPI data shows that there has been a notable increase in inflation every month of Biden’s presidency.

Senator Rick Scott said, “As Joe Biden’s inflation crisis rages, he just can’t stop fueling it with more reckless government spending. On the same day that the June CPI report showed that inflation has grown every month under Biden’s presidency, Democrats are out with a new plan for a $4.1 TRILLION dollar spending spree.

“Americans are experiencing 1970’s-style inflation again and it’s because of Joe Biden’s failed economic policies. It’s disgusting that in the face of Biden’s inflation crisis that has devastating impacts on America’s low and fixed-income families, like mine growing up, Joe Biden and the Democrats can’t face reality and be fiscally responsible to protect American families.”

Year over year, producer prices increased 7.3% in June – a significant rise from the 6.6% increase reported for the 12-month period ending in May 2021 and the largest 12-month increase since 12-month data were first calculated in 2010. Annualized, the monthly PPI growth rate reached 13.2% in June. In June, the PPI saw a historic surge in the prices of processed goods, which jumped 22.6%, the highest jump since 1975. Read more HERE. Para leer en español, haga clic AQUÍ.

Sens. Rick Scott, Ron Johnson and Colleagues on Democrats’ Partisan Spending Bill: America Needs to Invest in Infrastructure Without Out of Control Spending

Senators Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Braun, Cynthia Lummis and Bill Hagerty released a joint statement on the Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar partisan spending package:

“Our nation is nearing $30 trillion in debt. There is a day of reckoning if we don’t get our fiscal house in order. We appreciate our colleagues’ efforts to get a bipartisan deal done. But supporting this infrastructure deal enables the Democrats to pass their $3.5 trillion spending package. Joe Biden said it himself: These two issues are welded together.

“Everyone agrees America needs to invest in infrastructure. But with our national debt growing out of control and Democrats dedicated to passing a 100% partisan blowout spending package totaling $3.5 trillion, we cannot support any additional deficit spending on Joe Biden’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Schumer’s and Bernie Sanders’ liberal wish list.

“We can pay for needed infrastructure without incurring additional debt by instead repurposing previously appropriated but unspent funds. We urge our colleagues to support an alternative approach and recognize that supporting an infrastructure bill that authorizes new spending also enables the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend budget. We must stop mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Secretary Yellen: With Debt Limit Suspension Expiring, Americans Deserve Transparency on U.S. Debt Crisis

As Democrats in Congress continue to fuel America’s debt crisis with reckless and wasteful spending, Senator Rick Scott wrote to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen requesting details on the Biden administration’s plans to address the nation’s out-of-control, nearly $30 trillion national debt. With the current suspension of the federal debt limit set to expire on July 31, the administration continues to withhold critically important information from Congress and the American people about the state of our government’s finances. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Chair Powell: It’s Time to Acknowledge and Address America’s Growing Inflation Crisis

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell expressing his concerns about the Federal Reserve’s lack of response to address its growing balance sheet, which has exceeded $8 trillion for the first time, and the growing threat of rising inflation on American families. Senator Scott has been clear on the need for immediate action and spending reform, and has been calling for President Biden and the Federal Reserve to lay out a plan to address the threat our growing national debt poses to the U.S. economy. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Senate Passage of Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the Senate unanimously passed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Scott joined his colleagues in support of this bipartisan legislation, which will ensure that goods made with Uyghur forced labor in the Xinjiang region do not enter the United States.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Communist China is committing a genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and the United States must take a stand against these atrocities. No company should be doing businesses with Communist China, and they have the responsibility to make sure their products and supply chains are free from Uyghur forced labor. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act ensures American families and businesses are not unknowingly complicit in Beijing’s genocide. I urge the House to quickly passes this important legislation and President Biden to immediately sign it into law.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Issues Weekly Update on Biden’s Inflation Crisis

Senator Rick Scott released a weekly update on his actions to address America’s debt crisis and rising inflation. As the wasteful, reckless spending of the Biden administration and congressional Democrats leads to growing inflation and rising prices of every day goods, Senator Scott is urging the president to end his failed economic policies and address rising inflation on American families. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott in Fox News: Real police reform – ignore Dems’ radical policies and start with this commonsense step

Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for Fox News on his support for police reform that improves community safety, protects law enforcement officers and better serves families. Senator Scott outlines how effective police reform should start with professional accreditation to help hold officers accountable without undercutting their ability to keep communities safe.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “Right now, there’s a lot of talk in Washington about police reform. I am 100% behind police reform that improves community safety, protects our brave law enforcement officers and better serves our families.

But, needed changes in law enforcement won’t come from the Democrats’ radical proposals like defunding the police. Undercutting our men and women in uniform has devastating and dangerous consequences. We’ve seen cities and police agencies across our nation retreat from effective policing and, as a result, violent crime is spiking.

We can’t weaken law enforcement’s ability to effectively prevent and fight crime.

The villainizing of our men and women in uniform we’ve seen from Democrats in Washington and across America has consequences. When I was governor of Florida, we lost 51 law enforcement officers in the line of duty. Every one of them is a hero. The Democrats’ attack on our police is a disgusting insult to these heroes and all who honorably wear the uniform, and I won’t stand for it.

I sincerely appreciate the good work my colleague and friend, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., has done to advance the cause of pragmatic police reform in this country. I’ll continue to work with him and anyone else in Washington who wants to have a real conversation about finding solutions that create safer communities in Florida and across our nation.

If we want real, sustained and effective police reform that changes agency culture, we need to realize that it won’t come from more lawsuits or transferring liability from officers to their agencies. Creating meaningful change requires accountability. There is, and has been, a robust police reform movement going on in America for decades that has been extraordinarily effective – it’s called professional accreditation. This is just part of the answer, but it’s the right place to start…”

Read the full op-ed in Fox News HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott, FGA President in Tampa Bay Times: Approaching debt limit deadline presents golden opportunity for fiscal responsibility

Senator Rick Scott and Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) President and CEO Tarren Bragdon wrote an op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times on how Senator Scott’s Federal Debt Emergency Control Act can rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending and provide a concrete path forward to tackle the nation’s nearly $30 trillion debt.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott and FGA President Tarren Bragdon wrote, “Currently the debt clock ticks well past $28 trillion, barreling toward $30 trillion. That’s more than $90,000 for every man, woman and child in America.

Out-of-control government spending, debt and labor shortages are contributing to rising inflation — a 13-year high of 5 percent — and suddenly government overspending and bad policy impact the price of everything, from gas to bread to plywood.

As prices continue to rise, the Biden administration — especially with its recent $6 trillion budget proposal on top of trillions of dollars of previous spending — has little intention of reducing the national debt or spending with more prudence.

One is to pursue practical measures that make it easy and relatively painless to cut spending, if we start now. The Federal Debt Emergency Control Act includes several provisions to do just that.

This commonsense legislation does not prescribe what spending or programs should be cut, but instead provides members of Congress and Senators with incentives that deters bloated spending bills.

The longer we ignore the debt problem, the worse it will become — not just for us, but for future generations.

A debt crisis is here. And it will be American families that feel the effects of their government’s lack of fiscal responsibility through inflation, higher costs and rising taxes.

With the debt limit deadline approaching, there’s no better time for Congress to do right by the American taxpayer and finally address the federal debt and reckless government spending. Let’s seize that opportunity.”

Read the full op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times HERE.

Fox News: GOP lawmakers slam ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter for statement blaming US for Cuban unrest

Newsmax: GOP Senators Group Demands Infrastructure Without ‘Out of Control’ Spending

Jewish Insider: Senate Republicans seek Magnitsky sanctions on Raisi, Khamenei

Breitbart: Rick Scott on U.N. Racism Probe: Biden Doesn’t ‘Believe in the Exceptionalism of This Country

Florida Daily: Rick Scott Takes to the Senate Floor, Calling on White House to Support Protests in Cuba

The Hill: GOP senators invite Yellen to brief them on debt ceiling expiration, inflation

Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela Asamblea Nacional: Senador Rick Scott: “Los ataques contra la democracia en Venezuela no se puede tolerar”

Following the Surfside building collapse on Thursday, June 24, 2021, Senator Scott and his staff have been on the ground in the Surfside community to talk to the people, families, faith leaders and all affected by this horrible tragedy. His focus remains on bringing people together, supporting these families and working relentlessly to get the answers these families deserve. If you or your family were affected by the horrific collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Senator Scott and his office are here to help. Please find additional federal, state and local resources below, as well as contact information for our team HERE.

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